Nelly Furtado Teases New Song with Lido Pimienta, Bomba Estéreo's Li Saumet

The three shared a stage at Osheaga earlier this month

Photos: Ada Navarro (left), Andres Navarro (right)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 16, 2023

Between hangouts with with Dua Lipa or studio time with Charlotte Day Wilson, one never knows where Nelly Furtado might pop up next. But if we had to guess, it could be on a new song alongside Lido Pimienta and Bomba Estéreo's Li Samuet.

Furtado teased the collaboration in a recent appearance on the High Low with EmRata podcast, sharing with host Emily Ratajkowski how Pimienta, Samuet and herself have come to form a close friendship not only through music, but motherhood.

"I finally have these two really close friends who are musicians and performers and rock stars in their own right, and they're both Colombian," Furtado shared before adding, "We have a song together coming out."

"When we talk, we talk about being mothers and working, and being on stage," Furtado continued. "So I'll come home from the studio at 6 a.m. and text Lido, and she's like, 'I'm onstage in the Netherlands.' And our kids are friends, you know? You need community. When you're a creative, when you're in this business... you need community. You need other mothers around who are doing the same thing, and I feel like I didn't have that before. I felt more like an alien, just kind of doing this different lifestyle."

As it happens, those who made the trek to Osheaga 2023 earlier this month were treated to surprise appearances by Furtado during Pimienta's performance, with the two later joining Samuet and Bomba Estéreo onstage to lend a vocal assist to "Ojitos Lindos," the band's collaboration with Bad Bunny. You can find fan-shot footage of their Montreal performance below.
Furtado's conversation with Ratajkowski, which you can also watch below, also digs into her time working at a Toronto record store, which brass instrument she played growing up in Victoria, BC, and much more. You can hear her break the news of her single with Pimienta and Samuet shortly after the 15-minute mark.

Pimienta recently spoke with Exclaim! about the joys and challenges of raising kids for our Show & Tell feature, and last year, revealed she was working with Furtado in answering the Exclaim! Questionnaire.

For the latter, she shared with us, "I am learning from [Furtado] how to make delicious, strong, sensitive pop music. She's giving me an education on this other side of the music industry that I never thought that I would even be near. I'm helping her with her record, and I get to record and see her in a studio with massive producers that are all excellent people."

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