Nabihah Iqbal Treats 'DREAMER' to Remix EP

Tracks from last year's record have been reworked by her collaborators

Photo: Joseph Hayes

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 28, 2024

Last year, Nabihah Iqbal released her excellent album DREAMER. Now, the DJ and electronic artist is giving some of the record's songs the remix treatment, releasing an EP of reworked tracks today (February 28) via Ninja Tune.

The selected DREAMER tracks have been remixed by some of Iqbal's past collaborators, including Haider Uppal, Slowspin (feat. Zak Khan), SIDD and Sijya. A remix of Weighing of the Heart track "Zone 1 to 6000" by Frank Wiedemann is also slotted as a bonus track.

"I wanted to use the opportunity of putting together remixes for DREAMER to highlight some of the musicians that I've crossed paths with, whose work I really admire, and whose artistry is an inspiration for me," Iqbal said of the EP via press release.

Listen to DREAMER (Remixes) below.

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