N.E.R.D. Drop "Don't Don't Do It!" with Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar

N.E.R.D. Drop 'Don't Don't Do It!' with Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar
We're mere days away from the arrival of N.E.R.D.'s much-anticipated comeback album No_One Ever Really Dies. Before it drops in full, however, the group have given us another star-studded taste with a new single.

Based on its initial tracklisting, we knew "Don't Don't Do It!" would be one of two songs on the album to include a guest spot from Kendrick Lamar. With the new drop, however, they've increased the star power exponentially, adding Frank Ocean to the mix as a co-writer on the song's intro.

"He is the art of no compromise, no concession, and very colourful with it," Pharrell said of Kendrick Lamar in a Zane Lowe interview. "And that's what, I feel like, that's what is very interesting about his journey. Because if you understand him then, you know anything that he's ever done is just what he's really, really, really felt."

Stream "Don't Don't Do It!" below along with Pharrell's Zane Lowe interview. No_One Ever Really Dies arrives on December 15.