Mount Eerie "Dragon" / "Sauna" (video)

Mount Eerie 'Dragon' / 'Sauna' (video)
Phil Elverum recently announced his latest record as Mount Eerie, with Sauna scheduled to arrive on February 3 through his own P.W. Elverum & Sun label.
To keep the anticipation mounting, he's now shared a new track from the album called "Dragon," as well as a video for opening and title track "Sauna."
"Dragon" is an angelic-sounding piece featuring accompanying female vocals and incorporating sounds from nature — some soothing, some more ominous.
As for the "Sauna" clip, it juxtaposes barren-looking trees and industrial complexes with a crackling fire and line-dancing, lassoing cowgirls. Subtitles provide the lyrics throughout.
Listen to "Dragon" below, and scroll past the audio player to watch the video for "Sauna."