Canadian Music Week Toronto ON, March 5 to 8

BY Del F. CowiePublished Mar 21, 2008

With M.O.P. finally realising that 50 Cent is probably only interested in 50 Cent and finally leaving G-Unit, you would think the hip-hop veterans would have approached their set at the Opera House with the hunger of newcomers determined to prove their relevance. Sadly this wasn’t the case. While Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze did bring the expected ruckus with their larynx-shredding catalogue including classic joints "Downtown Swinga (Remix)” and "How About Some Hardcore,” M.O.P.’s on-stage vibe was sloppy and for some reason they yielded too much of the spotlight to their hypeman. And when it seemed like things were warming up they dropped their biggest hit "Ante Up” to close the show, clearly disappointing the crowd. Their DJ stayed on to play some party joints, but his selection clearly misread the rugged vibe the crowd was looking for. The duo did return briefly for a few minutes but by then it was too late.

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