Montreal's Groenland Reveal Debut Album

Montreal's Groenland Reveal Debut Album
Montreal-based outfit Groenland mix orchestral influences with electronic touches, and this spring they will be releasing their debut album. The Chase is out April 16 through Bonsound.

The band was formed by frontwoman Sabrina Halde and tech-savvy keyboardist Jean-Vivier Lévesque during a Toronto stay in 2011. "At the beginning, we wanted to do electro music, but we found that kind of boring," recalled Jean-Vivier in a statement. "So we decided to add more and more fun instruments to the mix."

This expanded lineup includes drummer Jonathan Charette, bassist Simon Gosselin, cellist Gabrielle Girard-Charest and violinist Fanny C. Laurin. Their album was produced by Philippe B and Guido Del Fabbro.

Halde said, "The Chase is the pursuit of an ideal, the desire to be in constant evolution, our tendency to put ourselves in danger to understand what we're made of. It's also about taking risks, for our own self, alone or with someone."

Check out the album cut "Superhero" below. It swells from the mellow ukulele intro to a stomping, string- and horn-filled crescendo. A 46-second album trailer featuring the same song is also below.