Groenland Say Goodbye with Two New Songs

Groenland Say Goodbye with Two New Songs
Photo by Marc-Etienne Mongrain
Following the release of A Wider Space, Groenland announced earlier this year that the band would be calling it quits. They performed their final live show last month, and now they've shared a couple of B-sides as a parting gift.
The group have released a French version of A Wider Space cut "Cabin," as well as "Propaganda," which was recorded during the same album sessions. Listen to both tracks below via Bandcamp.
When the band announced their final shows, they shared a message with fans, which read:
What remains the most important and stirring for us is your energy. Thank you for being there with us all the way, for believing in us, for your kind words after our concerts, for bringing your family, friends, grandma, dog to the shows! Thank you for listening. Thank you for nourishing our bubble of energy. Thank you for understanding that language isn't a barrier. Thank you for all your support. Thank you, PKP. Merci la vie!
We're ready to take on new adventures! We'll be in touch.