Montreal Wants to Be Recognized as a Global Metal Music Hub

City council will vote on the motion next week
Montreal Wants to Be Recognized as a Global Metal Music Hub
Between the city's annual Heavy Montreal festival and sought-after releases from Banzai Records, Montreal's longstanding relationship with heavy metal music is undeniable. Now, a city council member is looking to honour it with a new motion.

A motion put forward by Coun. Craig Sauve looks to honour the city's status "as a city of excellence for metal music." Sharing text of the motion on Facebook, Sauve wrote, "It's about time to collectively recognize the contribution of Québecois Metal music, our local scene, and the thousands of people who have contributed to help make our city's metal scene shine across the world-stage."

Sauve's motion, which you can read in English and French below, notes that "metal music has existed in Quebec for 36 years, with Montreal playing an important role in that development," and that "the metal community is an essential part of the cultural ecosystem of Montreal and that metal music is anchored in the heart of our city."

The motion has already been seconded by fellow city councillors Sterling Downey and Jocelyn Pauzé. Council will vote on the motion this coming Monday (April 15).

This year's edition of Heavy Montreal is set to bring Slayer, Ghost, Godsmack, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage and many more to the city. You can pore over the full festival lineup over here.

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