Moistboyz Moistboyz: Live Jihad

Best know as a side-project for Dean Ween, aka Mickey Melchiondo, and in this case, Mikey Moist, Moistboyz delivers straight ahead, offensive and guttural, no frills rock. Led by Melchiondo’s skilled guitar flailing, the band features long-time friend and badass trouble maker Dickie Moist on vocals. The pair have been hanging out and recording together since the late ’80s, with four albums to their name, and Live Jihad is their first DVD, a simply shot concert performance from the Bowery Ballroom from September 2005. Their current mix of Southern boogie rock and punk sludge is pure visceral testosterone-fuelled rawk. Dickie’s Iggy-like persona comes complete with on-stage gyrations, a bear-chest, muscular physique and a punk growl that sits just on the rock side of metal. Mickey, however, is the star of the show. While, his guitar dexterity has continued to improve throughout his constant recording and gigging with Ween, Moistboyz gives him the opportunity to kick out the jams non-stop. This might be dumb ass shit, but it certainly kicks ass. (MVD)