Moistboyz IV

Released in conjunction with a one-disc reissue of their first two albums, new Sanctuary Records signees Moistboyz are back with their first album in three years. Led by vocalist Dickie and Mickey Melchiondo (aka Dean Ween) on guitar and bass, Moistboyz play abusively punked-up, distorted rock’n’roll that’s conducted by their violently thrashing groins. The Ween association is their strongest selling point and for good reason — the band kick up the kind of raucous biker-rock that has found its way into the Ween songbook in the past. Though not as mind-melting as Melchiondo’s main gig, Moistboyz know how to have a good time wielding their axes and stepping on their overdrive pedals for some rock that never tones down the noise. "Officer Please” borrows a few riffs from Josh Homme for a snail-paced sludge feast, while "Uncle Sam and Me” paints the target on the Bush administration with some inanely tired lyrics. And the lyrics are what will make you either love or hate IV. As fun as Moistboyz’s riff rock may be, the words coming from Heller’s mouth are either crass or senseless, which can easily overshadow the good times developed by the amusing feel of the music. Long-time fans will have no problem eating this up, but those who have yet to acquire a taste will find less succulent morsels to chew on here than before and should seek out I & II for the real feast. (Sanctuary)