Moistboyz III

Any Ween fan can tell you that while Gene can pop the sweet and funky melodies without even thinking, Dean can rock the hard-ass riffage like a monster. Dean's Moistboyz projects kicked out some unrefined jams a couple times in the late '90s, but with III, we get some refined mojo that will rock everyone under the table, bar none. Instead of going for the sludge production, these ten tracks are 100 percent pure guitar precision and ferocity. Each track is a laser guided guitar riff masterpiece. Working as Micky Moist, Dean is joined by his buddy Guy Heller (or Dickie Moist), to wail on the microphone, shouting down everyone and anything that pissed him off in the last ten minutes. Like the guitar work, the lyrics leave nothing in reserve, swearing like a white trash demon, chin deep in bile, resulting in disturbing putdowns and cathartic yowls from the heart. We're even treated to a lyric sheet so we can seethe along to the bad vibes. This is rock your parents will hate, this is rock that is pure, and this is best guitar rock record you're likely to hear this year. (Ipecac)