Minor Victories 'Film One' (album trailer)

Minor Victories 'Film One' (album trailer)
Earlier this month, members of Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors announced plans for a new collaborative project going by the name Minor Victories.
Featuring Rachel Goswell, Stuart Braithwaite, Justin Lockey and James Lockey, the new band has now unveiled what looks like an album trailer for their upcoming debut.
The artistically shot black-and-white short film features a pair of new songs, which will presumably appear on the group's forthcoming release, though details remain vague.
A description of the clip by James Lockey [via Pitchfork], reads:
This is Minor Victories — film one. You could call it a teaser trailer? Album trailer? album trailer teaser? Stripteaser trailer teaser? Super internet trailer of tease based on an album? Long player teaser moviefilm? The prequel to the sequel to the adaptation based on the remake of the original teaser...trailer...?
It's not really any of the above... Just the first hello.
Hit play and get acquainted with the new project in the player below.