Slowdive's Rachel Goswell Announces Debut Album as the Soft Cavalry

Hear the song "Dive" from the shoegaze icon's new project

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Apr 16, 2019

While Rachel Goswell has served as one of Slowdive's core members for decades, the shoegaze icon will be branching out with a new project. Goswell has announced that she will be teaming up with her husband Steve Clarke to release a new album as the Soft Cavalry.

The record is self-titled and will arrive on July 5 via Bella Union. For a taste of the album, you can hear its lead-off track "Dive" down below.

Goswell actually met Clarke during Slowdive's 2014 reunion tour, with the pair then eventually marrying four years later.

"I'd always had ideas but never felt that anything I had to say was worthy of anyone's attention, let alone my own," Clarke said in a statement. "I wish that I could have done this 15 years ago but, in reality, I simply couldn't have. But I'm not one to overly wallow. I'd rather plough the various levels of confusion into songs."

In addition to working with Slowdive, Goswell was a core member of offshoot project Mojave 3. She also is a member of supergroup Minor Victories and released a solo album in 2004 called Waves Are Universal

In addition, Goswell recently has served as a guest vocalist on multiple project, including album contributions to groups such as American Football, Mercury Rev and Beach Fossils.

The Soft Cavalry:

1. Dive
2. Bulletproof
3. Passerby
4. The Velvet Fog
5. Never Be Without You
6. Only in Dreams
7. Careless Sun
8. Spiders
9. The Light That Shines on Everyone
10. Home
11. Mountains
12. The Ever Turning Wheel

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