Megan Thee Stallion Goes Full Freddy Krueger in Her "Thot Shit" Video

Twerking has never been so terrifying
Megan Thee Stallion Goes Full Freddy Krueger in Her 'Thot Shit' Video
As promised, Megan Thee Stallion is back another Hot Girl Summer anthem called "Thot Shit" — or at least her alter ego Tina Snow is. It's arrived complete with a video, and yes, it's more terrifying than you might think. In fact, it might be one of the best bits of horror we've seen all year.

As you'll witness, the the "Thot Shit" video takes a page right out of Nightmare on Elm Street, with Megan and her Hotties relentlessly haunting an uptight white politician. The results are both hilarious — and scary as hell — as they terrorize the man, all the while twerking non-stop.

Hell, Megan even pops up in his bathtub just like in the Elm Street movies. Why do you need Freddy's glove of razors when you have nails like Megan's?

Really, we wish Wes Craven was still around to get his hot take on all this.

Watch the "Thot Shit" video below and never view twerking the same way again.