Megadeth Arsenal of Megadeth

The definitive DVD for these thrash progenitors, the two-disc Arsenal of Megadeth is packed with videos, interviews, live footage and hidden treasures that spotlight a less complicated age when metal equalled Rip magazine, denim vests, MTV’s Headbangers Ball and Pony hi-tops. Disc one includes Megadeth’s footage from Penelope Spheeris’s documentary Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years. After the "In My Darkest Hour” video, bandleader Dave Mustaine waxes philosophically about wanting to "stay at the street level” and not write music for the (ahem) dollar sign — hard to believe when Countdown to Extinction came out on the heels of Metallica’s eponymous 1991 blockbuster. "Hanger 18” and "Go To Hell” remain fantastic videos, despite the profanity being edited out of the latter. More footage covers the band skydiving, guitarist Chris Poland with eyeliner and guitarist Marty Friedman’s physics-defying hair. Disc two shows the ’94 band in the studio, building their Megadeth, Arizona compound in Phoenix. The video for "Train of Consequences” is like a surreal Wild Wild West, with scenes of babies on clotheslines that were used for the cover art of Youthanasia. The footage underlines the true genius of this line-up, both visually and musically, as bassist Dave Ellefson is seen helping out on drumming duties and backup vocals on "Reckoning Day.” Containing material from Mustaine’s personal archives, this Arsenal will easily rank at the top of any metal collection. (Capitol/EMI)