Marissa Burwell Teases Debut EP with "Catch Me"

Marissa Burwell Teases Debut EP with 'Catch Me'
Regina-born singer-songwriter Marissa Burwell has been sharing her songs in basements and coffee shops for the past couple years, and now the 22-year-old will release her self-titled EP early next year.

The record hears Burwell teaming up with Nolan Grad, Madison Nicol and Chris Dimas as her backing band, and it was recorded at Grind Central Studio.

"Catch Me" is the first track to arrive from the upcoming EP, and it's a perfect showpiece for Burwell's sound. Though her early shows only featured an acoustic guitar, she's built up a shimmery blend of electric guitar and drums to back up her airy vocals.

Listen to "Catch Me" below.

Marissa Burwell is due out February 8 via Grind Central Records. See Burwell's upcoming shows below, as well.

Tour dates:

12/29 Regina, SK - The Exchange
01/04 Regina, SK - O'Hanlons