Toronto's Loose Teeth Explode with Frantic Metallic Hardcore on "Faith Healing"

Hear the new single from the band fronted by Life in Vacuum's Alexander Clark

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Feb 9, 2021

Loose Teeth are more Dillinger Escape Plan than Dilly Dally. The Toronto quartet actually features touring members of Dilly Dally, as well as electronic crew Bad Channels. However, despite being Buzz Records adjacent, the buzz here is more an incessant feedback — a side effect of their violent metallic hardcore. New video "Faith Healing" accompanies that onslaught with equally frantic visuals.

Loose Teeth frontman Alexander Clark plays bass and sings backing vocals in angular math rockers Life in Vacuum. However, that — or previous single "Delaney's Demise" — can't quite prepare you for "Faith Healing," which takes its predecessor's panic and steers it in a dark, Satanic direction.

A brief buildup explodes into flurries of double bass atop a groovy riff. The production is of note here, with the bass drum not overpowering, as is often the case. Even more frenetic passages remain bleak. Though the band claim influences like Oathbreaker and Touché Amoré, this is more Cursed and Rise and Fall.

The vibe makes sense when the band explains the lyrics:

"Faith Healing" tackles suicidal ideation so profound and poignant that it can drive even the most stark atheists to accept religion as a coping mechanism, even if it means disregarding their most ineffaceable convictions and relinquishing their core principles. It is meant to draw attention to the act of proselytism or work of self-proclaimed 'missionaries' who are quick to recruit the most vulnerable of people for their own interests of indoctrination, while negating the dire needs of the individual.

The two released songs will be collected on upcoming EP A Comorbid Letter (release date TBA). It will no doubt be an exciting chapter in an exciting Ontario music scene. In fact, Clark called on some pals from around the community to weigh in on his latest song.

Liz Ball of Dilly Dally and Slutcode states, "It's super dark and definitely draws an energy within you. It made me wish I were at a concert thrashing around."

The longing is similar for Alex Levi, who plays in Jesus Horse. "In a time of social distancing, it's nice to hear something that grabs you and proceeds to shout in your face."

The musician most musically connected with this style, Patrick Mathers (Hounds, Grey Heaven Grey Earth, Hostage Life) adds with elder statesman wisdom: "People are creatures of comfort. They go through life relying on what's safe and non-threatening for warmth. Even things like metal, punk and hardcore have gotten pretty passive because of this. You need to have some limps, tattoos and 'loose teeth' before you face the music."

Take a listen below, and don't be surprised if you're possessed to thrash about.

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