London, ON's Baptized in Blood Sign to Roadrunner Records

London, ON's Baptized in Blood Sign to Roadrunner Records
All right, another victory for heavy Canadian music: London, ON metal dudes Baptized in Blood have signed with metal biggies Roadrunner Records.

Baptized in Blood play party-ready, melodic, death/skate, punk/speed metal with no shortage of camp or comedic value and a ton of retro vibes, which pretty much slots them right in the space that Three Inches of Blood left vacant on Roadrunner's roster when they were dropped from the label in '08.

The hop over to the once-legendary metal label comes during a time of turmoil though. Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has recently publicly spoken out against the label and their practices. And who could forget Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer's hilarious song begging the label to release her from her contract earlier this year?

But, hey, maybe it'll work out better for Baptized in Blood and they'll party with new label-mates like Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Airbourne, DragonForce, Trivium, Stone Sour, Dream Theatre and Killswitch Engage. Uh, and Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem.

Baptized in Blood's debut album, Gutterbound, was self-released earlier this year. The band's first record for Roadrunner is tentatively scheduled for a fall 2010 release.