Little Girls Announces "Electronic-Sounding" Cults EP, Plots New Full-Band Album

Little Girls Announces 'Electronic-Sounding' <i>Cults</i> EP, Plots New Full-Band Album
Back in 2009, Little Girls (aka Josh McIntyre) became one of Canada's most buzzed-about indie rockers, as he inked a deal with Paper Bag Records and released the scuzzy pop masterpiece Concepts. His relationship with his label went sour, however, as we recently learned that McIntyre parted ways with Paper Bag following an alleged "legal battle."

The Toronto songwriter is now putting that behind him, and he's gearing up to release a new EP. Entitled Cults, it will come out via Hand Drawn Dracula, most likely in June.

UPDATE: Cults is due out on September 6.

In an interview with Exclaim!, McIntyre explains that his latest work isn't a huge a departure from his fuzzed-out past releases but does find him branching out. "It's written the same way, it's recorded the same way, but it's definitely a lot darker," he says. "Not synth-heavy, but it's a little more electronic-sounding. Not as guitar-y as some of the early stuff. There's more keyboards, different drum machines. It's not as poppy as the earlier stuff."

Cults has six original songs, plus one remix by Toronto electro whiz Guy Dallas. It includes the past single "Delaware," which can be found at the bottom of this page along with the tracklist, as well as the previously unheard track "Nights Out," which you can now download by clicking the arrow in the player following. There will also soon be a music video for each track on the EP, each one made by a different director.

With the EP finished and currently being mastered, Little Girls will set to work on album No. 2. Unlike Concepts and Cults, this one won't be a solo affair. Instead, it will be recorded with a full band, who have accompanied McIntyre during live shows.

"I'd say about half the record is done and written, and we've been playing it live. But none of it's been recorded yet," McIntyre reveals. "It's going to be definitely in a studio. It's not going to be a clean, pristine-sounding record. I'm definitely going to try to pull and make it sound similar to the older stuff, but it's going to be cleaner. It's not going to be as dirty as some of the earlier recordings that I did on GarageBand."

Like Cults, the next full-length will find Little Girls delving into more electronic terrain. "Some of it is new wave-y sounding, which I guess, in a sense, is the next logical step," McIntyre observes. "I wouldn't say it's a new wave album. But there are more elements of keyboards and synthesizers coming in, and some of it's a little poppier, some of it's a little darker."

He's hoping to have that album out by the fall, saying "probably October." In the meantime, fans can look forward to the summer release of the Cults EP.


1. "White Night"
2. "Cults"
3. "Ex"
4. "Daydream"
5. "Delaware"
6. "Nights Out"
7. "Nights Out (Guy Dallas Remix)"