The Lipstick Junkies "Motown Prince"

The Lipstick Junkies 'Motown Prince'
Funked-up Toronto indie rock outfit the Lipstick Junkies are gearing up to unleash a new EP titled New Lingo, but before it arrives, Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to the latest single "Motown Prince."
The upcoming EP was recorded with Al Connelly and Sam Reid of Glass Tiger and engineer Dennis Tougas, who set out to capture the party-starting energy of the band to tape. "Motown Prince" offers listeners insight into what's to come for the group, jamming slick grooves and soulful vocals into a neat, retro-referencing but forward-thinking little package.
"This song, to us, is the start of something new," the band said in a statement. "Growing is a natural part of art, it's something that all artists do. This song really defines that for us. When writing it we realized that it was different from anything we had every written. It challenged us, shaped us and helped us along our path of discovery. 'Motown Prince' has become somewhat of a thesis for us. It's the song we wear most proudly as our badge."
Listen to the group's new musical declaration in the player below.