Liam Gallagher Says He and Noel Are "All Good Again"

It's either a Christmas miracle or hell has frozen over
Liam Gallagher Says He and Noel Are 'All Good Again'
Here at Exclaim!, we like to think we're ahead of the curve in covering the colourful sibling rivalry of Liam and Noel Gallagher, having gone as far as ranking their best quotes of this year. However, if some comments from Liam are to be believed, the brotherly feud may have reached its end.

Taking to Twitter today, Liam wrote, "I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it's been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you [tomorrow]," a sentiment that seems a little out of place considering the vitriol he had spewed at his brother this year.

Fans were quick to question Liam's well-wishes, though he responded that Noel had "already reached out," adding, "we're all good again."

It was only back in August that Liam revealed the lads' mother Peggy had given up on trying to reunite the pair, telling them to "smash each other's heads in for all I care."

The news has us hoping for a big Gallagher Christmas reunion across the pond, upon which they'll gift each other copies of their respective solo records from this past year.

You can find Liam's tweets below, and for some Gallagher greetings that aren't of the holiday variety, find our Gallagher Brother Insult Generator here.