Lex Leosis


BY Riley WallacePublished Mar 24, 2020

Following the release of their debut (and to date sole) collective project, the Sorority started a wave that unexpectedly swept the one-time foursome-turned-threesome of Haviah Mighty, Keysha Freshh and Lex Leosis into a two-year odyssey of upper echelon CanCon notoriety.
With the group now in quasi-limbo, and with the other members having let listeners into their worlds via post-Sorority solo efforts, Lex Leosis is finally planting her flag with the anticipated Mythologies.
The project has three distinct sounds that gently transition through the overarching concept of the Greek mythological fates — moving from life, to destiny and, finally, death. Along the way, Lex puts her confident songwriting on display as she experiments with a wide range of sounds and vibes that make the album incredibly well-rounded.
Longtime fans will recognize the aesthetic of the first half of the album; the smooth vibe of the André Paxton-produced "Ouzo" stands as one of the project's most rewind worthy moments. The Yondo-produced "Gemini," featuring Benita Singh, is also a pivotal track, baring her soul, and adding an unmistakable vulnerability to her pen game as she clears the air about her bisexuality.
As feelings fade, and Lex's energy explodes, we get high octane braggadocios gut punches like the Snotty Nose Rez Kids featured "Se Miso," or "Mind Your Business" (as well as the Patrik featured "Part 2").
Her first body of work, 2017's Tomboy, channelled her ability to hone her cipher-minded upbringing in the game into bops and bangers. The growth she's had in the three years since its release, though, is what makes Mythologies shine. It leaps Lex Leosis the rapper to Lex Leosis, the artist, curating a collection of emotionally charged songs that all feel strong as pieces and even more potent as a whole.
While the Sorority's future may be uncertain, Lex proved that she's able to hold her own regardless.

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