Kode9 "Third Ear Transmission" (ft. the Spaceape)

Kode9 'Third Ear Transmission' (ft. the Spaceape)
Vocalist the Spaceape sadly passed away a year ago this month, but we're still hearing new music from him thanks to his frequent collaborator Kode9. The Hyperdub boss just rolled out a video for his Nothing track "Third Ear Transmission," and it features the Spaceape.

Both the video and song are rather peculiar. The track is an eerie soundscape consisting of flickering electronic abstractions, background clicks and clacks, and a cryptic spoken monologue. It's less than a minute and a half in length and is more like a piece of sound design than a traditional song.

The accompanying visuals act as a spooky introduction to a luxury CGI hotel referred to as the Nøtel. Here's how the concept is described in an announcement:

The project explores a post-scarcity world in which the only thing in short supply is humans. The performance guides the audience on a first-person tour through the uncanny architecture of the Nøtel. In sprawling chambers deep within slick glass corridors, they encounter warped spaces, quantum clouds, gravitational pools, dancing voids and holograms of the dead.

Watch it below [via Pitchfork]. Nothing will be out on November 6 through Hyperdub.