The Knife "Raging Lung" (live video)

The Knife 'Raging Lung' (live video)
Just as the Knife's Shaking the Habitual can be an artsy head-scratcher, the Swedish outfit's current live show is likewise heady and conceptual. If you haven't had a a chance to check it out in the flesh, you can get a sample of the strangeness in a live clip-assisted video for the album's "Raging Lung."

Under the glow of black lights, we see a cast of glittery cloak-sporting individuals plucking neon harps and whapping electronic percussion pads, while also running through choreographed orgy routines. You can see the iridescent display down below.

"Raging Lung" is expected to be issued as a single, though details have yet to arrive.

As previously reported, a 12-inch single for Shaking the Habitual's "A Tooth for an Eye" will be released July 23, while the Knife also have reissues of early LPs The Knife and Deep Cuts coming our way August 27 via Artist Intel.