Kid Rock's Old Detroit Mansion Comes with an "American Badass" Dining Table, Many Bawitdabottles of Liquor

"There is so much Jim Beam ... There was just a lot of alcohol in that house."

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 21, 2022

A 6,000-square-foot mansion on the Detroit River once owned by Kid Rock has sold for the third time since the musician's 2019 exit, and some new real estate reportage reveals how the man who wrote "Don't Tell Me How to Live" truly lived at the property.

Crain's Detroit Business spoke with Ashley Dunworth, who inherited some of Kid Rock's abandoned items through helping friend and colleague Amy Trahey clean the mansion for its new owners, a young family moving back to Detroit from Washington, D.C.

Trahey had previously bought the home in May, planning to use the property as a summer home and as an attraction for Kid Rock fans, telling Crain's that month, "I can do curated events for fans only. I think they'd like to sniff the sheets."

Ultimately, Trahey opted to re-sell, with Dunworth reportedly coming into possession of "29 bottles of Jim Beam" that once belonged to the Monster Truck collaborator, along with "two cases (and a six-pack) of his American Badass beer."

Decorative highlights of the home — which was reportedly sold as-is on its prior two flips — include "an infamous wall decal of a woman snorting cocaine off a Kid Rock album," "a jar of weed left in a dresser" and a "massive Hitsville, USA mural" which couldn't be salvaged, as "the backs are sticky and it didn't come off well," according to Dunworth.

One piece of furniture the incoming family reportedly did opt to keep was "a dining room table emblazoned with an eagle and Kid Rock's catchphrase, 'American Badass'," in addition to "a poker table from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and poker chips with Kid Rock's name on them."

Regrettably, photos of these interior design finds didn't accompany the latest report of the mansion's sale, so we have no idea how Kid Rock's taste in decor stacks up against that of Glenn Danzig.

Dunworth also found alcohol on every floor of the home, telling Crain's, "There is so much Jim Beam." She also has no plans to live like the Devil Without a Cause and drink all that bourbon, adding, "We've got to figure out what to do with it. I'm not drinking 29 bottles of Jim Beam."

Kid Rock's former Detroit mansion could also have been the site of a "pretty strange" cross-border get-together, according to Mother Mother and GLDMTH's Ryan Guldemond.

Asked about his strangest celebrity encounter in a recent edition of the Exclaim! Questionnaire, the songwriter reflected on an evening in Detroit that led to "something of a jam session with Kid Rock on the mic, Chad Kroeger on guitar, and Sam Roberts on the bongos."
In 2020, a Miami mansion once owned by Kid Rock was bought by Diplo.

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