Monster Truck's Jon Harvey Responds to Danko Jones' "Opportunistic" Criticism over Kid Rock Collab

"It's the most contradictory, hypocritical thing I've ever experienced"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 23, 2021

Hamilton, ON-hailing outfit Monster Truck have taken some heat from fellow Canadian rocker Danko Jones for featuring on a song with renowned Fox News-sponsor/COVID-denier Kid Rock — and now, frontman Jon Harvey has fired back, saying he found Jones' "opportunistic" commentary to be "super offensive."

Jones took to Twitter over the weekend to call out the band for their "embarrassing" decision to team up with "piece of shit" Honky Tonk steakhouse owner Rock on his anti-snowflake anthem "Don't Tell Me How to Live" — a choice Harvey discusses in a new episode of the Loaded Radio podcast.

While he admitted to initially being taken aback by the Nashville musician's lyrical reworking of the song, Harvey defended Rock's intentions.

"He's kind of saying, 'This is who I am, and this is what I do,'" the Hamilton rocker explained. "And people are gonna take it as an attack, because everyone wants to feel attacked or feel like they need to fight back or say something all the time now. So he kind of played right into that."

Harvey then spoke directly to Jones' comments, saying [via BLABBERMOUTH]:

I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but it feels a little opportunistic to me. It also feels like he's a very angry person. I don't subscribe to that and I'm not an angry person. And to me, it feels like he kind of gets angry about a lot of things.

As far as personal attacks go, I've never met this guy in my life. I have no idea what his values are or what his beliefs are — and nor do I care, 'cause that's his problem and his business. But yeah, man. He went after me, didn't he?

That's my whole thing about it — the guy is upset because he thinks [the song] promotes hate and he's getting that out by hating it. It's the most contradictory, hypocritical thing I've ever experienced.

But also a lot of people are gonna be, like, "Yeah, he's right." And I'm just, like, "Man, okay." Then next week he'll be mad about something else James Hetfield did or something else someone else did. It's like, "Buddy, just simmer down. You've got some shit to sort."

It's an opportunity; that's the issue I have with it. It's like, he could have said nothing and just kept going with his life, but instead he's putting himself out there and putting that hate out there and it's creating an opportunity for him. That's super weird to me.

I've never called anyone a piece of shit to their face, I don't think, in real life. The dude didn't even use my name — didn't use the band name — and he said these harsh things to me personally. I don't know, man. I'm really hurt by that; it's super offensive.

My mom's gonna read that article, and other people are, and this guy is really painting me out to be something… He's got no idea what I'm like; he's got no idea what my friends or my family are like. It's some pretty harsh shit.

Speaking of playing right into things — Harvey really leaned into the angry P.O.C. trope with that rant, didn't he? Jones seems to agree:

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