Kid Rock Got Drunk and Challenged Journalist to a Fight, Waved a Gun Around

He repeatedly tried to block the interviewer from leaving his house

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 20, 2024

Kid Rock has long since pivoted from corny rap rocker to right-wing troll, and at this point, it's not at all surprising when he descends to some new depth of anti-liberal provocation. But even by those standards, his latest antics are quite outrageous, as he apparently got drunk during an interview, challenged the journalist to a fight, waved a gun around and attempted to block his guest from leaving his house.

The shit-talker also known as Bob Ritchie hosted Rolling Stone's David Peisner at his compound outside of Nashville. There, they were waited on by a white butler named Uncle Tom, and Ritchie said the N-word numerous times while getting drunk.

What ensued was an hours-long argument about the culture wars, with Ritchie seemingly more interested in provoking the journalist than making any sort of point. Perhaps the most disturbing part of Peisner's story goes like this:

By this time, I've long since quit drinking, but Ritchie has exchanged his white wine for Jim Beam and Diet Coke. He proceeds to drain at least three or four of them in pretty quick succession. He's sitting in a dark leather chair, shouting at me about something or other, when he reaches behind the seat, pulls out a black handgun, and waves it around to make some sort of point.

"And I got a fucking goddamn gun right here if I need it!" he shouts. "I got them everywhere!"

Later in the conversation, Ritchie attempted to block Peisner from leaving his house, repeatedly goading him into watching YouTube videos and insisting that he spend the night. Ritchie asked Peisner, "Do you think you could whup the shit out of me?" and gave him a chance to "take a shot if you want."

As they finally parted, Ritchie told Peisner, "Just write the most horrific article about me. Do it. It helps me," seemingly confirming that he barely even believes any of the things he spouts off about.

It's a shocking account of a rich, washed-up drunk who hasn't made any notable music in years and has instead resorted to being a political troll as a way to continue getting attention. Read it here.

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