Keanu Reeves's Grunge Band Is Making a Comeback

Dogstar are about to release their first music in 23 years

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 1, 2023

Famous connoisseur of good music, Keanu Reeves, is getting back into making it himself. His late '90s grunge band Dogstar are gearing up to release their first new music in over 23 years.

As confirmed by their Instagram account, the band have been rehearsing and doing some photoshoots. Their latest post from six days ago (May 25) claims that "exciting news" is "coming soon." Previously, they had shared footage of themselves in the studio.

Active from 1991 until their split in 2002, Dogstar released two albums — 1996's Our Little Visionary and 2000's Happy Ending. The band features Reeves on bass, Robert Mailhouse on drums and is led by Bret Domrose on guitar and vocals. 

Technically, this means another CanCon act has entered the chat, unless Reeves's wishes of becoming a US citizen come true.

Until Dogstar's new music is released, we'll be left wondering if they'll sound anything like Reeves's new favourite band Alvvays. One can dream!

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