Justin Rutledge / Jenn Grant / Jody Glenham Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC November 20

Having Jenn Grant and Justin Rutledge on the same bill is like being offered sex and chocolate in the same sitting (or rather, the same "laying”). Both musicians are delicious in themselves, but together, they made for a concert fit for heaven. Folk rock heaven. Hallelujah!

Local opener Jody Glenham took the stage first, belting out songs from her upcoming album, Focus Pull, and sounding like a spunkier Fiona Apple. Next up was the always-hilarious Grant who wooed the crowd in an instant. Grant’s crowd banter was a hoot, and her silky voice was beyond captivating.

The jam-packed Biltmore Cabaret sang along to "Dreamer,” and when she wasn’t performing, it was so silent you could hear the distant flush of toilets. Grant’s songs were a mix of old (from Orchestra For The Moon) and new. At one point, she even the mentioned Vancouver being a "cupcake town.” But really, there was really nothing sweeter in the room than her, and the ogling hipster boys could attest to that.

When Justin Rutledge took the stage, he dove head first into "The Wire,” a song off of his April release, Man Descending. Rather than engaging with the audience like Grant, it seemed as though there was a deeper, internal conversation mulling about in Rutledge’s head. The shy, plaid-shirted Torontonian didn’t "really know what to say,” so he stuck to playing more songs like "Greenwich Time” and "Alberta Breeze.”

But bashfulness or not, Rutledge managed to keep all eyes ablaze, especially when it came to the concert-closer "Don’t Be So Mean Jellybean.” Rutledge ventured out into the middle of the crowd, stood on a chair and encouraged a giant sing-along. By the look in everyone’s eyes, I’d say he won over their hearts and had them begging for more.