Julien Temple to Direct the Kinks' Biopic

Julien Temple to Direct the Kinks' Biopic
Last year, iconic British rock group the Kinks celebrated their 50th anniversary with a new anthology. Up next, the group will be celebrated with a new biopic.

According to Screen Daily, the story of the Kinks will be told with a new film called You Really Got Me. The film is being directed by Julien Temple, best known for his Sex Pistols documentary The Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

The film will star Johnny Flynn (Scrotal Recall) and George Mackay (Pride) as Ray and Dave Davies respectively. Julien's daughter Juno Temple will also appear as Ray Davies' former wife Raza.

"This is an exciting chance to tell the Kinks' story in a visceral and real way," Temple told Screen Daily. "The lyrics of The Kinks have always been fascinating to me and there is an amazing human story here as well which has yet to be captured on film."

Producer Jeremy Thomas secured the rights to both Ray and Dave Davies' autobiographies, as well as the music of the Kinks. The film is expected to shoot later this year.