Jin Jin Presents Knowing Is Half The Battle The DVD

Cop this instead of his newly released album. This Jin-story starts at his Miami roots, as the Emcee recounts hustling his early shows, his forced retirement from BET`s 106 and Park battles (after destroying seven weeks of competitors), all the way up to his appearance at the legendary Fight Club in Puerto Rico. The latter is absolutely electric, with the venue producing an insanely aggressive climate, and his only real challenge coming in the form of final competitor Shells. Jin's freestyle skills are obvious, as he turns the tables on the (usually) unimaginative Asian slurs that lazy-minded competitors come up with, effectively skewering them with their own lyrical swords. While there is a bit more "talking while walking" shots than anyone needs, the amount of battle footage, deliciously shaky and grainy, more than makes up for it. (Draft/Crafty Pluz Entertainment)