Jeremih in Critical Condition After Contracting Coronavirus

The singer has been moved to intensive care
Jeremih in Critical Condition After Contracting Coronavirus
Chicago R&B singer Jeremih is battling a serious case of COVID-19 in an intensive care unit after news of his hospitalization broke over the weekend.

According to his agent, the artist born Jeremy Phillip Felton was moved to the ICU where he remains in critical condition. Previously, Felton had been intubated after the virus "viciously attacked his body."

"J was just pulled off the ventilator," the agent told Variety. "He's still in ICU in critical condition. Please keep him in your prayers."

Felton's severe case is an opportunity to "remind the world that COVID-19 is real and not to be taken lightly," his family told CNN. They added: "There's no shame in contracting COVID-19, and people that have it need to be responsible and considerate of others."

Despite his condition, Felton's family remains hopeful about his recovery.

"He's not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made," they said.

In the days since his initial hospitalization, some of Jeremih's industry friends β€” including 50 Cent, Chance the Rapper, Fat Joe and others β€” have wished him a speedy recovery.

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