Jenny Lewis Shares New Song "Under the Supermoon"

It appears on an upcoming benefit album for Haiti

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 9, 2020

Jenny Lewis has unveiled a new track titled "Under the Supermoon."
The song is a collaboration with Malian musician Habib Koité, and it appears on the upcoming benefit album Let the Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit Vol. 1 from Artists for Peace and Justice.
Lewis has also shared a video for the new song, which features footage of her, Koité and their backing band travelling in a covered truck. They end up on a beach for a giant bonfire celebration.
Watch the video for "Under the Supermoon" below.
It marks her first single since the release of On the Line last year. She will also appear on Swamp Dogg's upcoming album Sorry You Couldn't Make It.

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