Jayli Wolf Embraces Her Queer Identity with New "Hush" Video

The song appears on her forthcoming EP 'Wild Whisper'

Photo: Hayden Wolf

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 11, 2021

Toronto-based alt-pop singer Jayli Wolf — one half of electronic music duo Once a Tree — went solo earlier this year with her expository debut, "Child of the Government." Now, the Indigenous artist has followed up the effort with a new song titled "Hush," which confronts another facet of her identity.

According to a release, the song chronicles Wolf's experience with coming out as bisexual, coming to terms with being a member of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community after leaving her religious upbringing, "uncovering the pain of suffocating one's desires for the approval of others" and "opening up to the pure, raw, and fierce energy of sexual freedom and liberation."

Wolf — an "empowered doomsday cult survivor" — explained further in a statement:

I felt immense shame around the truth and who I am. My first true love with another girl (a fellow cult member) was filled with guilt and shame. We would pray together for forgiveness over the desires that we had every day. I believed Jehovah would destroy me in Armageddon. Being free now, my deprogramming has also allowed me to question the societal conditioning around relationships and sexual orientation. I hope this song brings people feelings of power and freedom in their own personal explorations.

The track's accompanying video was directed by Wolf and shot inside Creston, BC's Frisky Whisky, with creative contributions from Jayli's partner and Once a Tree member, Hayden Wolf.

"Hush" will appear on the artist's forthcoming EP, Wild Whisper, which is due to arrive on June 18.

Watch the video for "Hush" below.

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