Jared Brown "Son of a Gun" (video) (ft. Mac DeMarco)

Jared Brown 'Son of a Gun' (video) (ft. Mac DeMarco)
Prolific Nova Scotia-born/Montreal-based tunesmith Jared Brown has released a couple of albums in 2014, most recently Shee. Now, he's got fellow Canuck indie rocker Mac DeMarco to help him out with a video for Shee's opening cut, "Son of a Gun."

The clip is every bit as raw and ramshackle as the rocking tune itself. It's a DIY affair filled with creepy puppets and cheap-looking psychedelic effects. DeMarco doesn't show up until near the end, when we see an extended shot of him tidying up cables on a stage and a poorly grammaticized quote about Deafheaven's Daniel Tracy pops up on the screen. It's not entirely clear if this quote is being credited to DeMarco or if it's a complete non-sequitur, but it's a strange moment either way.

Check it out below.