Jamie Lidell "Big Love" (video)

Jamie Lidell 'Big Love' (video)
Jamie Lidell earned our praise with his self-titled album earlier this year, and now the British electro-soul lifer has unveiled a video for the LP cut "Big Love."

The clip for this fast and funky tune is an energetic affair, as Liddell prowls an overpass in the sunshine while a dance troupe don sparkly costumes and practice for a big performance. We see some boxers training before the dancers strut their stuff in the street and in a balloon-strewn room.

Lidell said in a statement, "The Q-Kidz are the bomb. They destroy all cynicism with their sheer joy and passion and leave a trail of heart-warming smiles behind them wherever they go. It's pretty rare these days to feel a genuine life rush but these girls with all their raw passion, discipline and exuberant joy just blew us all away."

Jamie Lidell is out now through Warp.