Ingested Are Bringing the Disgusting Heaviness of 'The Level Above Human' to Canada

Ingested Are Bringing the Disgusting Heaviness of 'The Level Above Human' to Canada
Photo: Gaz Davies
Ingested write music in the same way that a punch to the face gets a message across — it's violent and unsubtle, but for some people, it's the only thing that works. But in between blasting out machine-gun drums and bowel-churning low vocals, members of the UK's nastiest death metal act have been taking time to convalesce and, possibly, rise above the shock and gore. Their new album, The Level Above Human, is still damagingly heavy, almost painfully so, but definitely showcases an evolution since their 2009 debut, Surpassing the Bounds of Human Suffering.
"We were 19, 20 when we wrote that," guitarist Sean Hynes tells Exclaim! "You can't just write about cutting off people's heads. Unless you're Cannibal Corpse. When we wrote Surpassing, the goal was to be the most brutal thing we could be. I've become more conscious of composition recently. Just some good, catchy death metal."
In the hyper-elitist world of extreme death metal, those words could be code for "We want to open for Katy Perry on our next tour." But despite penning an album in a new style and "double-digits" of additional tracks, Hynes says there's no chance Ingested are angling for mainstream appeal. "If I could open for anyone, it would be Pantera in 1994," he claims, also adding that he would "love to see the Kardashians in an Ingested mosh pit."
The Level Above Human is their first new music since 2014's The Architect of Extinction and they plan on putting the road work in to make sure fans see them. Their upcoming Level Above Human tour includes 11 Canadian dates.
When asked about this sudden maple fever, Sean laughs.
"We've played Calgary and Edmonton and those shows were cool. New places are always cool. I have absolutely no idea where Rimouski and Thunder Bay are! Ha ha!"
The Level Above Human comes out April 27 on Unique Leader Records. You can find their upcoming Canadian dates here.