Hostage Life vs. The Internet

Hostage Life vs. The Internet
In retrospect, maybe it’s ironic (or something) that so many plans for great episodes of Exclaim!TV went to shit in December. The result of a few desperate phone calls and some thoroughly debauched internet-ing, this final 2007 installment of our brand-new video-blog-adventure was a lot of fun, and probably weirds my mom right out.

Anyone not aware of the totally bizarre and extremely entertaining YouTube phenomenon of "Two Girls One Cup" (and, a little less popular, "BME Pain Olympics") reaction videos is probably confused right now. With contributions ranging from someone’s grandma to ?uestlove, this is one stupid trend that we decided would be worth jumping on. This, plus that trend about Arcade Fire. That band is hot.

On a Friday night, Patrick Mathers was good enough to stop by Exclaim!TV HQ and endure some really gross inter-trash, while giving us a solid update on Hostage Life’s current status and plans for the new year (check back for that video later in the week). Walking Papers, their last full-length, was a great collection of Clash-inspired punk ‘n’ roll, and since its release in 2006, they’ve been blazing an all-ages trail of compellingly hard melodies across this country and back again. An upcoming 7" (titled White Jesus) sounds like a step in the right direction, with three aggressively poppy originals and a Wire cover for good measure. Seriously, I got a copy on my computer that I’m listening to right now. Jealous?

Patrick also served as some excellent dinner entertainment for my roommate and his ladyfriend, who can be heard eating (listen to the tell-tale clinking of fork and plate) in the background of this video. A gentleman and a scholar, Patrick concluded his stay with us by calling his girlfriend, telling her he loved her, and then showing us her online collection of other people's hilariously bad pornography. What a lady.

Check out Patrick’s Hostage Life update here on Wednesday.

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