The Horrors' Faris Badwan Launches His Own Label

The Horrors' Faris Badwan Launches His Own Label
Transforming from frontman to behind-the-scenes label owner, the Horrors ' singer Faris Badwan has revealed that he and brother Tarik have started up an imprint of their own called Raft Records.

The label officially gets into business in February, with the first release on the docket being a four-way split 7-inch between London acts Skinny Girl Diet, Niqab, Puffer and Jet Black. Speaking to NME, Faris Badwan explained the acts he and his brother find appealing "are the ones that do something quite live sounding and with a bit of rawness to the recording."

Tarik Badwan added that the brothers looked to labels with "a real lo-fi spirit to them" for inspiration, including Factory and Captured Tracks. Faris also noted the relative ease of setting up your own imprint led them to the founding of Raft.

"I think it's quite easy for bands to lament the state of modern music, but there is always good stuff going on," Faris said. "Now more than ever, people can record music with the means available to them. It's easy and it's accessible and you can start a label and it's not that difficult. We had this idea a few months ago and now our first record is pressed."

Though details are forthcoming, the pair have plans to issue recordings by their own as-yet-unnamed collaborative project, as well as an LP from Tarik's Loom.

In related news, Faris Badwan's Cat's Eyes project with Canadian singer Rachel Zeffira recently teased their work from the upcoming soundtrack to The Duke of Burgundy by premiering the title track online. You can hear the piece down below.