High On Fire Announce Snakes for the Divine

High On Fire Announce <i>Snakes for the Divine</i>
Fans of apocalyptic stoner/doom metal outfit High on Fire, you're about to get some pretty sweet holiday news.

The band have just announced that their highly anticipated fifth studio effort is finished and ready to roll. Dubbed Snakes for the Divine, the eight-track affair will officially be issued on February 23 through E1 Music.

Expect more of the band's uncompromisingly brutal heaviness, as they enlisted producer Greg Fidelman (Slayer) to twiddle knobs at the Pass Studios in Los Angeles for the new record.

Other than that, well, what do you need to hear? It's going to kick ass, feature gritty bellowing, pounding drums and sound like something spewing forth from Hell itself. Didn't we tell you that's some great news on the cusp of a draining holiday?

Thank you, Gauntlet.

Snakes for the Divine:

1. "Snakes for the Divine"
2. "Frost Hammer"
3. "Bastard Samurai"
4. "Ghost Neck"
5. 'Fire, Flood & Plague"
6. "How Dark We Pray"
7. "Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter"
8. "Mystery of Helm"