High on Fire's Matt Pike Is Working on His First Solo Album

Photo: Matt Forsythe

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Mar 29, 2021

While High on Fire have been pretty vocal about their plans to record a new album, it turns out that leader Matt Pike has some other things in the works as well. Specifically, his first-ever solo album.

The news comes via High on Fire bassist Jeff Matz, who over the weekend posted a studio-set photo on his Instagram. And while Matz didn't give us much to go on, he did say in the caption that he was playing the Turkish instrument bağlama for Pike's "upcoming solo album."

High on Fire's last album was 2018's Electric Messiah. And while the band have stated they are working on a follow-up, news also arrived in May 2020 that Pike was working on new music with Mastodon's Brent Hinds and his wife Alyssa Maucere-Pike (Lord Dying). However, it's unclear if this is for Pike's upcoming solo album or another project.

At the time, Pike said: "I planned on going back [to Brent's] after this next Sleep tour or something and hanging out and sitting down. Cause we got some stuff done, but it wasn't a major lot. But there's definitely all these… there's like two hours worth of ideas, it's just putting them all together, you know?"

Pike added that the three "want to make it like so we can have different people, like different bass players, different drummers, different singers, different people playing tambourine, whatever [laughs]. Like some sax guys… 'oh, what's that dude doing over there, he's choking a goose!'"

See Matz's post below and, of course, stay tuned.


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