Here's How Shania Twain and Four Tet Got to Hanging Out

A new interview reveals the electronic artist's connection to the Canadian country star

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 11, 2023

Before palling around with Skrillex and Fred again.. at California's Coachella, NYC's Madison Square Garden and beyond, Four Tet was hanging out with Shania Twain during her Las Vegas residency, prompting Exclaim! staffers to wonder, "When is the collab coming?" 

While we don't have an answer to that question (yet), what we can tell you is that the electronic artist's connection to the Canadian country icon has been revealed in a new profile from The Guardian.

As it turns out, Four Tet's sister, Leila Hebden, is part of Twain's management team at Maverick Management Group, and is characterized by The Guardian as "a fixture of Four Tet shows" who also assists with her brother's career and Text Records label operations.

Hebden previously spoke about managing Twain with Music Week earlier this year — not only with regards to the country star's latest album, Queen of Me, but also the goal of solidifying enduring respect for Twain as an artist and songwriter. She told the publication, "In her lifetime I want not only her audience but the industry to pay Shania her dues. That's my goal. And then I want to retire and make pottery in the countryside [laughs]."

Has Twain ever caught Four Tet behind the decks for one of his marathon sets? It's quite possible, as Hebden shared, "She has an expansive interest in music. And she goes to see a lot of music. She's a bit of a chameleon as well, in a good way. If you put her in with a producer and a collective of musicians, it could be electronic music, it could be blues, it could be jazz, it could be pop, it could be whatever… I think she can just find her way. She's technical enough that she understands music and she's got a wide interest. And she can adapt."

Asked by Music Week if she had noticed a new generation of listeners embracing Twain's art, Hebden expressed, "Totally, but that's also the normal process of music when it's good. I'm not super-surprised that my kids love listening to, say, 'Yellow Submarine,' because it's cross-generational. People are like, 'God, it's so crazy that Shania's got such a young fan base.' I'm like, 'Not really – really popular, well-written music works in that way.' Of course, kids love her music. My kids love her music."

Towards the end of The Guardian's complete Four Tet interview, authored by former Exclaim! contributor Jazz Monroe, Four Tet speaks about an edit of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" (premiered during that MSG performance) he had made at the request of his daughter. If you ask us, the next step should be to get a folder of Shania Twain a capella tracks to save us from asking, again, "When is the collab coming?"

The Guardian interview also notes that the artist born Kieran Hebden "has completed more than half of a new Four Tet album," though he's content releasing standalone songs like "Three Drums" for now. His most recent two LPs by that name, Sixteen Oceans and Parallel, arrived in 2020.

Four Tet's early band Fridge reissued their Happiness album earlier this year, while his Text Records label delivered a collaborative album from Fred again.. and Brian Eno.

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