Here Are the 17 Worst Album Covers of the Year 2016 in Lists

Here Are the 17 Worst Album Covers of the Year 2016 in Lists
It was another bang-up year for music, as plenty of artists both old and new wowed us with their impressive output. (We'll begin exploring it in earnest tomorrow, with numbers 20 to 11 of Exclaim!'s Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums). It was also, sadly, a truly terrible year for album covers.

Maybe it's a sign that no one really cares about the physical album anymore — after all, half of us are just looking at tiny icons in Apple Music. Either way, there were still some bone-chillingly brutal covers on display over the last 12 months.

Feast your eyes on this disgraceful list of the worst album art 2016 had to offer.

Exclaim!'s 17 Worst Album Covers of 2016:

17. Blink-182 

For their big comeback album, the stadium-sized pop punk kings teamed up with street artist D*Face to create a cover looks like a skateboard deck you'd find buried under a mountain of Famous Stars and Straps hoodies at Winners.

16. Bob Dylan 
Fallen Angels

Sure, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, but his latest album looks more like a self-published book on negging from a gross Las Vegas pick-up artist. 

15. Goo Goo Dolls

Pretty cool of the Goo Goo Dolls to bring back Cribs so they could show us where they've been living since their last big hit.

14. The Strumbellas 

This looks less like an album cover than a doctor's office pamphlet on how people from all walks can live with IBS.

13. Copywrite 
Blood Bath and Beyond

As though the dual wordplay of this rapper's moniker and album title weren't upsetting enough, he had to round it out with this unnerving (and, of course, literal) album cover. Excuse us while we go soak in the tub.

12. Garbage 
Strange Little Birds

Is this the new Garbage album, or the teaser for an upcoming Dreamworks movie about a farting leopard?