Hear a 9-Minute Experimental Epic from Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara

"L_06" appears on his upcoming solo album 'Passerine Finale'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 19, 2020

Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara is branching out with his new solo effort Passerine Finale next month, and he's now given us another wild taste of what's in store. Right now, you can hear the sprawling experimental noise jam "L_06."

But The Suburbs this is not. "L_06" is a massive nine-minute track that's full of screeching, squelching walls of sound. It also arrives alongside some abstract visuals.

"'L_06': the visual thing, like the song it accompanies, comes from trying to push really simple objects and figures to a place where they hopefully, somehow, become imprinted with a kind of emotional energy — attempting to entwine single note drones and simple straight lines together tightly enough that they dance a little," Gara explained in a statement.

You can check out "L_06" below.

Passerine Finale, which is a follow-up to Gara's debut solo album Limn, will arrive on September 11 via Invada Records — the label run by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.

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