Haviah Mighty Announces New Album 'Crying Crystals,' Shares "Zoom Zoom"

The follow-up to the acclaimed rapper's 2021 'Stock Exchange' mixtape arrives on July 14

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished Jun 30, 2023

The great Toronto rapper Haviah Mighty has announced a new album, Crying Crystals, to be released on July 14. 

The forthcoming album features guest appearances by Montreal's Zach Zoya, Chicago native Jean Deaux and New Zealander JessB.

To coincide with the album announcement, Mighty has shared the track "Zoom Zoom" — a collaboration with her sister, Omega Mighty. This is the fourth track she has shared from the album, after "Huh," "Room Service," and "Honey Bun." Listen to it below.

''Zoom Zoom' is a reflection of the regret of truly letting someone go," Mighty said in an interview with Consequence. "It's a rapid change of the mind, with 'Zoom Zoom' being a metaphor for rushing back to the one you love. In my first verse, I paint the picture. I'm single and lonely, but confident — 'Hard shell, porcupine, a cactus' — yet still — 'I been thinking 'bout you lately / All this time I'm trying to break free.'"

She added that spending the summer in Toronto inspired her to try out a new sound inspired by South African house music. 

"The amapiano sound has a grip on the city because of its amalgamation of dance and Afro sounds fused together," she said. "I wanted to explore producing in that world."

Crying Crystals follows her 2021 Juno Award-winning mixtape Stock Exchange, and her Polaris Music Prize-winning album, 2019's 13th Floor

Crying Crystals:

1. Snowfall (feat. Zach Zoya)
2. Lil Baby (feat. Zach Zoya)
3. Stress Free
4. Huh
5. Sensational (feat. JessB)
6. Boundaries
7. Main Character
8. Honey Bun
9. Zoom Zoom (feat. Omega Mighty)
10. Room Service
11. All the Time
12. Manifest It (feat. Jean Deaux)
13. Outro

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