Hanni El Khatib "Moonlight" (remix ft. GZA)

Hanni El Khatib 'Moonlight' (remix ft. GZA)
Los Angeles soul explorer Hanni El Khatib is set to follow up 2013's Head in the Dirt with a new LP called Moonlight. We've already heard the album's title track, but it's since been upgraded with a remix from Wu-Tang genius GZA.

The brooding, gritty stomper ploughs along as normal, complete with El Khatib's full sound in tact. It seems to end, but picks right back up where it left off for GZA to drop some cosmic knowledge on its latter half.

Listen to GZA's remix of "Moonlight" below. The album of the same name shines down on us on January 20 through Innovative Leisure.