Hannah Georgas Cranks the Guitars for "This Too Shall Pass"

The single is the first taste of her forthcoming new album

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 28, 2023

Following promises that a new album was complete and a recent teaser, Canadian singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas has shared her new single. "This Too Shall Pass" is out now.

The song hits a little harder than Georgas's past couple of albums, with a surge of dreamy guitar distortion and a vocal line and explores the low end of the singer's range. Georgas uses the title phrase to coach herself out of some dark thoughts, as she sings, "Am I the laziest person I know, or am I just tormented? / Been walking around so much goddamn resentment / Don't know, but some days feel so low and so fucking pathetic."

"I have a lot of internal pep talks, as a way to quiet my own doubts and insecurities," Georgas said in a statement. "This song is a reflection of that, and a reminder to go a little bit easier on myself." The video, directed by Joe Connor, shows Georgas hanging around the bustling streets of London, UK.

Georgas co-produced her new album alongside Sean Sroka (a.k.a. Ten Kills the Pack). Returning collaborator Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck plays bass and synth. Details about the new album are forthcoming.

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