Half Japanese's Jad Fair and Jason Willett Team Up for 'The Greatest Power'

Half Japanese's Jad Fair and Jason Willett Team Up for 'The Greatest Power'
In 2014, lo-fi vets Half Japanese released their first album in 13 years with Overjoyed. Now, frontman Jad Fair and bassist Jason Willett are back with a new album under their own names. The Greatest Power will be out on September 8 through Dymaxion Groove Records.

Fair and Willett make up half of Half Japanese (so, if our math is correct, that would make this Quarter Japanese). A press release points out that The Greatest Power resembles the work of their main project in that the tracks are "either love songs or monster songs."

Fair is rather vaguely credited with vocals and "occasional instruments," while Willett plays "other instruments." There are 18 cuts in all; see the tracklist below. The album cover, which is in keeping with Half Japanese's artistic aesthetic, is above.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear the noisily slapdash, electro-driven title track, which closes the LP. Fair said in a statement about the song, "This was the first take of a song we never did before. I had a song title, but no lyrics written down. I like the spontaneity the song has."

The Greatest Power:

1. 1111
2. Monster on the Loose
3. Are You Ready?
4. Peace Sign
5. Hold That Tiger
6. I Remember Every Word You Said 
7. Far Away at Sea
8. Bubblegum Cottoncandy
9. Frankenstein Conquers the World
10. Let's Go to Paris
11. Attack of the Giant Leeches
12. Ani't No Sin
13. Good as Soda Pop
14. Giant From the Unknown
15. Everybody Happy?
16. Mars Invaded Earth
17. Drum Drop
18. The Greatest Power