Half Japanese "We Cannot Miss" (video)

Half Japanese 'We Cannot Miss' (video)
Long-running indie institution Half Japanese release their new Perfect LP next week, but they're teasing the set ahead of time with a pretty great animated clip. You can check out the video for the band's fabulously clattered "We Cannot Miss" now.

Musically, the song gels on raucous drums, staccato stabs of guitar and a '60s garage rock organ. Visually, vocalist Jad Fair has whipped up a bunch of evocative, cartoony scenes. This includes anything from couples kissing, to handshaking house pets, to boogieing clouds, to a magical boat ride shared between humans and beasts.

While not technically a lyric video, some of Fair's words come blazing across the screen as well.

The video can be see below, while Perfect sees release January 22 via Joyful Noise.