Gregory Pepper Announces New Album, Shares Lead Single "I've Got a Bottle"

'I Know Now Why You Cry' will arrive early next year

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Dec 16, 2019

Gregory Pepper has announced plans for his next album. It's called I Know Now Why You Cry, and it will arrive on February 14 via Fake Four Inc.
The southern Ontario musician has toyed with garage rock, twee folk and electro-pop in recent years, but the latest album is his most ornate to date, featuring baroque-inspired arrangements.
The 14 songs on the album have been whittled down from Pepper's 2017 experiment of writing a song a week for a full year. It was also the year that his father died and his first child was born.
As such, the songs run the gamut thematically, but as Pepper says himself, the project as a whole is "quite literally a matter of life and death."
See the full tracklisting for I Know Now Why You Cry below.
The first song to arrive from the album is "I've Got a Bottle." It's been paired with visuals from the opening credits of Mega Man 2, because they "seemed appropriate since the album centres around themes of nostalgia, youth."
Check out the song and video below.

I Know Now Why You Cry:

1. Good Call
2. I've Got a Bottle
3. Sublime Sun Tattoo
4. Worrier Spirit
5. I'm Dying
6. Maybe I'll See You
7. Unsolved Mystery
8. Bogus Journey
9. Art Collector / Bored Of The View
10. Who Doesn't Know
11. Before The Rust It Was Heaven
12. Diaper Hill
13. Bigger Than Jesus
14. Father's Day / Coda

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